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Subscribe to our Home Business Tips Newsletter for FREE today ($147.00 value!)and get proven home business tips and tricks delivered to your inbox instantly

The information you`ll be receiving is sensible and practical; easy to understand, AND easy to implement. The impact this course will have on your business -- and your financial well-being -- will be monumental.


Each lesson in "Marketing Strategies that EMPOWER Success" is full of cutting-edge education information that`s straight "from the trenches" of today`s business world. When you open your email inbox, you can count on tips, tricks, and "hidden" treasures to support you in your online sales efforts.

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I`ll bet you`re usually buried by a mountain of spam and advertisements each day, so your "Marketing Strategies that EMPOWER Success" lessons should be a refreshing change. And if you want to opt-out of our "study group" at any time, you can simply use the removal link provided at the end of each email.


=> Lesson #1 - BASIC RULES FOR EFFECTIVE EMAIL MARKETING (Before you can get in the game, you`ve got to know these simple rules.)

=> Lesson #2 - EMAIL AESTHETICS (Making your message visually appealing is half the battle. I`ll show you how.)

=> Lesson #3 - 7 WAYS TO COLLECT EMAIL ADDRESSES (Your online success story starts with collecting the email addresses that will build your mailing list. Use these unbeatable techniques to create your own "A-List.")

=> Lesson #4 - USING AUTORESPONDERS TO MULTIPLY YOUR MARKETING POWER EXPONENTIALLY and SAVE TIME & MONEY (This is the must-have information you`re after. You`ll see why when it saves you money and swamps you with orders!)

=> Lesson #5 - HARNESSING THE POWER OF EMAIL MARKETING (Get to know -- and master -- the strategies and techniques marketing pros use daily to get results! Insider secrets revealed!)

=> Lesson #6 - 8 STEPS TO IRRESISTIBLE COPY EVERY TIME (Learn how to write email messages that compel people to send you money! Try these 8 keys!)

=> Lesson #7 - TRIGGER WORDS THAT SABOTAGE YOUR EFFORTS (Discover the trigger words and characters that must be avoided so that your message doesn`t fall into a spam trap or filter.)

=> Lesson #8 - EMAIL LISTS - WHAT`S UNSAFE (Don`t waste your marketing dollars on lists with leads that go nowhere. Learn how to protect your budget.)

=> Lesson #9 - EMAIL LISTS - WHAT`S SAFE (Signposts to lead lists that will work.)

In addition to the 9 exceptional lessons outlined above, you`ll get some extras, too, -- a study break, lists of words to use, a "graduation present" down the line, and even the opportunity for "post-graduate" studies!


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